Cholesterol Fact

Facts about Cholesterol Drugs

Cholesterol-lowering drugs are one of the largest business segments of the global pharmaceutical drug business. This entire business is built on fear – the fear that cholesterol actually causes heart attacks. While this “cholesterol-scare” has become a gold mine for the drug companies – the economic burden of this business is ultimately carried by us, the people.

Health professionals, political decision takers and hundreds of millions of patients worldwide have the right to know: What are the proven facts – and what is the fiction promoted by the multi-billion dollar investment business with patented cholesterol-lowering drugs. 

Cholesterol Drug Bombs

New York Times / January 16, 2008

There have long been suspicions, but it was still very disturbing to learn this week that a heavily promoted cholesterol-lowering drug had flunked a clinical trial of its effectiveness in reducing fatty deposits in arteries. The two companies that reap billions from the drug had been cynically sitting on the results for more than a year.

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New York Times / January 15, 2008

A clinical trial of a widely used cholesterol drug has raised questions both about the medicine’s effectiveness and about the behaviour of the pharmaceutical companies that conducted the study, cardiologists said Monday.

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New York Times / January 17, 2008

For decades, the theory that lowering cholesterol is always beneficial has been a core principle of cardiology. It has been accepted by doctors and used by drug makers to win quick approval for new medicines to reduce cholesterol.

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